IC-905 Introduction - First Impressions

Some quick takeaways from the Icom IC-905 Introduction video a few minutes ago:

  • The narration was in English (in the version I watched), so easy to follow!

  • The control unit does not have any RF circuitry; all the RF circuitry is in the external unit.

  • Power output for 144 / 430 / 1200 is 10W (Type N connector).

  • Power output for 2.4 / 5.6 GHz is 2W (separate SMA connectors).

  • Power output for 10 GHz is 0.5W (connector unspecified).

  • 10 GHz capability is optional, via the CX-10G transverter (a second external unit).

  • Amateur Television (ATV) is a built-in mode, but requires an analog camera. ???

  • Control unit includes a (full size) SD card slot and USB-C connection.

  • Icom mentions mobile operation as a use case.

  • DD mode (128 kbps) is fastest data rate

There was no indication that the connection between the two units can be virtualized via Internet. All the illustrations showed the control unit connected directly to the external unit.

I’ll be watching the discussions this week and have a more complete set of impressions in Zero Retries 0061 next week.

de Steve N8GNJ